Alice Prodotti Ittici Srl

Our company Alice Prodotti Ittici has been founded in 2007 from the experience of the owners in the processing of fish products.

Since the foundation's day, our goal has always been the same: to spread our regional gastronomic tradition to the table's customers in practical packages.

Our products, packed in modern and ready-to-eat packages in oil or in protective atmosphere, are able to make a great connection between the nowadays fast eating habits and the need to eat healty . Our main products are marinated anchovies, fished from Mediterranean sea and directly filleted and processed by hand in our factory.

With them, we obtained the recognition of « Product of Parco del Delta del Po». We also produce tasty seafood salads, squids, small cuttlefishes, small octopuses, prawns, fillet of mackerels , surimi and more other products.

Our customers are both Italian and foreign, we serve GD and GDO, wholesaler and dealer; between them we count with pride Eataly, famous distribution chain of italian excellence products.

In the last years the company has increased the volume of its exportations thanks to its ability of innovation and development and to its modern processing techniques able to satisfy the ever-changing market needs.